Request Medical Records

Patient Medical Records

Klickitat Valley Health has two Medical Records Office for our patient community. Please contact KVH Family Medicine for clinic records (509-773-4017) or contact hospital records at 509-773-1024.

Klickitat Valley Health’s Information Management (HIM) team can provide you with Medical Records listed on our Patient Authorization to Disclose Health Information, whether for care in the hospital or the KVH clinics. Please download this form, complete it, and return it to us by mail or by fax.

Mail to KVH Health Information Management, 310 S. Roosevelt, Goldendale, WA 98620.

Fax to KVH Health Information Management at 509-773-3083.

We will then assess whether what you request is available, and prepare a copy. You may pick up your clinic medical records at KVH Family Medicine Registration, or from the hospital at the main Patient Registration Desk, Monday through Friday 8-4:30 PM, or we will mail it to you. Please allow 2 weeks processing time.

If your doctor’s office needs copies, please have the office contact us directly:

For Hospital Records, please call 509-773-1024 or fax a request to 509-773-3083.

For Clinic Records, please call the clinic at 509-773-4017 and choose ‘medical records’ from the menu options, or fax a request to 509-773-4543.

Electronic copies: If your record was prepared on our electronic health record, we will be able to place it on a disk. P

Some records will be available in your online electronic record portal “myKVH.” Your clinic provider can give you access next time you visit; or if you bring photo ID, our HIM staff can also sign you up for this free service.

After you have read your records, if you believe there is a material discrepancy, you are welcome to file the Record Amendment form; please be specific and send a copy of what you think the error is. We will present your form and document to the provider who made the entry and reply with our findings.

To contact KVH Medical Records, please call 509.773.1024 for hospital records, or 509.773.4017 for clinic records.

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